We are often visiting museums and galleries.  When we go to the National gallery, I always start with a tour around the museum. The museum is big and I always choose a topic. It could be entertainment, landscape, flowers or a particular artist.  Students learn about art techniques by looking at pictures. Every picture could tell a lot about the way people used to live, dress, eat, entertain themselves etc.. At the end we always finish with a workshop.


 In April 2014 a group of children and parents visited Florence in Italy. It was an amazing experience to see Renaissance art in real life.



Outdoor painting


During summer and autumn terms we do outdoor painting and drawing. I try to draw student’s attention to the beautiful nature around us.

I encourage children to observe carefully and draw what they see. For example, have them look at the trees and notice how different they are in shapes, hight and colours. How light or distance changes the colour and shape of the trees.

With 3-6 years old we play games. At the beginning they are explorers. They are collecting different shapes and color objects and after they are creating a collage.