The Importance of Art Education


Art plays an important role in almost all aspects of education. The skills developed through arts education can include creative problem solving, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, focus, literacy skills such as creative writing, risk taking, self-discipline and confidence.


Art education takes an unlighted perspective to expanding children’s creativity and their knowledge of the world of art, colour, form and design. These creative children grow into creative adults who invent, imagine, problem solve.

Doesn’t the world need more creative thinkers?

Those with strong creative abilities will bring new ideas and solutions to our world.


Parent comments:


My daughter was predicted a C grade at the beginning of year 11.  Concerned, she joined Lana's art classes and after a few months we noticed a great improvement in her work.  The final result was astonishing - she's got an A on her GCSE!  Thank you, Svetlana.


(Helen's mum)


Svetlana’s lessons are always inspiring and motivational.  She does not just show the techniques, but tries to bring out the ideas to allow the children expressing themselves.  All her art and design projects are very exciting. She is showing her students how to work with the sources, and, building on the existing knowledge, to create something unique and beautiful. Svetlana uses the range of media such as drawing, painting, collage etc., and introduces new things gently, depending on the child’s age and ability, thus giving them a sense of fulfillment. Moreover, she has a very friendly personal approach and always points out the things that went particularly well, whilst helping and explaining patiently what could be improved. She has made a remarkable difference to my children’s drawing  and painting skills. They always look forward to her lessons and I could recommend her wholeheartedly as an excellent art teacher.


Nora (London)


My children have been attending Svetlana's art classes for over six years now. I can without any doubt say that the lessons have greatly contributed to the development of my daughters in terms of their ability to express their imagination, their interested in art and everything creative, which translates into being able to concentrate better in other lessons, pay attention to detail and be more expressive. By my own kids' own admission, Svetlana's art lessons have always been their most favourite!


Maria Green