Social Art for Education Centre, 253 Eltham High St, Eltham, SE9 1TY


Every Thursday



17.00-18.00 for 6-9 years old

18.00-19.00 for 10-15 years old


The Young Artist ages 6–9

Children will be exploring and creating art with paint, clay, paper-mâché, recycling materials and wires. Also, they will be able to develop their drawing and painting skills while exploring art from around the world and world-renowned artist.  Students will learn to create, critique and appreciate art through our exciting and enriching hands on curriculum.

This class will introduce observational drawing and painting of still life, portraits and landscapes.


Teen Art studio ages  10-15

Classes based on the best traditions of the Russian Academic Art education. The training method is based on teaching fundamental principals, techniques of classical art, diligently transmitted over the centuries since the Italian Renaissance.

Students learn how to draw accurately from observation, using lines, knowledge of proportions, learning to look, compositions, tone, light and shade. They are encouraged to explore their own ideas through creative exercises and explore new techniques.

History of art is a part of the program where students not only learn about world known artist but also develop their profession skills by copying such masters as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli etc.



Payment for the half term - 6 weeks is £55.


Payment for the whole term – 12 weeks is £100,  is made on the first or second lesson of the term.

There is no repayment for missed sessions.


Siblings discount is 10%


If space is available payment on the day is £12  (for a single lesson)